King of the Hill Grudge racing comes to Adelaide Friday 10th December 2016 .

We will run a KOTH Street and Comp Class Grudge race only at select Friday nights throughout 2016-2017, with the next event on 10th December 2016, which is showing to be BIGGGG as already run in Melbourne


 Basic RGB


This is as close to the USA based Friday night Grudge racing as possible which occurs at most tracks in the South, ie no times displayed, ‘call outs’ take run priority, competitors are matched by drawing a number out of a hat, competitors all put buy-in money to make a prize pool and its pretty much “run what you brung”.

NO this is not Lights Out as that is an Outlaw Radial Drag race event at SGMP in Georgia USA (held by the famous Donald Long) – plus we will be turning the lights on when it gets dark so everyone can see where they are going.

It’s a $250 pre entry buy-in for each competitor in each class race each other over the 1/8th, Pro Tree, Heads Up, Three Round Format, No Time Boards, No time cards so you wont know what you or your opponent has run, winner takes all – $5000 cash paid on the night (based on a minimum 25 entrants for each class). Entries close 23rd September 2016. Entries after that date will attract a $100 late fee – no exceptions!!!

All competitors may make one test hit between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, and run each elimination round at the times scheduled with the Final to be run at 10:30pm SHARP). We will not be waiting for anyone, and if you are not in the lanes to run your round you will record a DNF/Loss for that round. The two competitors with the most wins will race the final round.  If there are more than two competitors with equall wins (ie three), then the competitor with the fastest ET from the previous round shall go to the final.

Plus Grudge Style VIP Start line experience (limited to the first 200 persons), arm bands may be purchased for $10 and signing an indemnity form at Credentials. This will entitle you to exclusive start line viewing for this event and you are expected to follow the usual start line protocol.


  • Street
    – must be street registered and driven
    – must have exhaust
    – must run radial tyres (radial slicks not allowed)
  • Comp
    – run whatever you bring
    – must have swinging doors
    – any induction type allowed


All vehicles must meet appropriate safety requirements (ANDRA and Track Regs)

Run Format:

  • Heads up -Pro Tree (7 second rule applies)
  • One test pass allowed only (no times) only between 5:30pm – 6pm
  • Eliminations run on Chicago Shootout rules, ie (the most wins goes to the final)
  • All elimination pairings are “picked out of a hat” on E1, in the lanes by the first half of the field.
  • Round 1 to be run: 7:15pm
  • Round 2 to be run: 8:15pm
  • Round 3 to be run: 9:15pm
  • Finals to be run at 10:30pm sharp

We will not be waiting for anyone to turn up in the lanes to run, that means if you are not in the lanes to run your round you will record a DNF/Loss for that round. Time cards for your runs will be made available at the end of the event.